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Thread: SQL Server indexing for GIS systems

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    SQL Server indexing for GIS systems


    I am working on a GIS project where we locate the objects using for coordinates CURX (Upper right x point), CURY (Upper right y point), CLLX (Lower left x point), CLLY (Lower left y point). When the table row numbers are low, maps work fast. But when the numbers go upto 100-200 thousands or more maps become really slow. Considering that the GIS server needs to draw multiple layers the response times become a nightmare.

    Could anyone recommend an advanced indexing for this kind of GIS project?

    Many thanks

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    Can you provide the relevant table structure. Next have you identified that the real bottleneck is the database operations. Most often I find it that the image rendering is the bottleneck for GIS systems.
    Good Luck

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