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Thread: Wireless printing

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    Wireless printing

    Couple different issues pertaining that I'll (hopefully) kill with one thread.

    1. I set up the family desktop to share its HP DeskJet 3745 over the network, so I could print wirelessly from my laptop. It worked great with my old computer with XP, but when I "upgraded" to Vista, it seemed to lose some of its functionality after using it several times. "Fast Draft" printing wasn't as fast as normal, the color was a greyish color instead of deep black... nitpicky stuff like that. Same thing when I got a new computer with 7... worked great for a little while, then started doing the slow printing, grey lettering, and now... it prints a mirror image! Not merely flipped in any one direction, but I literally can only read it unless I hold the paper up to light and look through the back of the sheet. There is a mirror image setting in the printing preferences that I've reset, and I have tried reinstalling the driver in the past, and that doesn't help.

    2. How can I get a printer that is NOT connected by USB to a computer to print wirelessly? I've heard about reuters having USB ports on them. If I were to get one, is it a straightforward/reliable process to get it set up? Or is there perhaps a wireless antenna made that can be plugged into the USB port to make it act like it's wireless?

    Thanks for any input you can give!

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    I went through that exercise awhile back. There is no solution that works well that is also reliable. It is a driver issue. There are a few print servers available, but they cost more than buying a wireless printer. I bought an HP Photosmart Plus wireless printer at Office Depot 3 months ago. It cost $75 on sale and it works flawlessly.

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