Hello, everyone.

I'm trying to get IIS 5.1 to work on a system that also has XAMPP/Apache installed.

First, my "dev server" is an old XP/SP3 desktop running IIS 5.1, which is listening on a port other than 80 (I've got Apache listening on 80.) Currently, the "Default Web Site" is set for C:\Inetpub\wwwroot, listening on port 54321; I have a Virtual Directory set for D:\xampp\htdocs (where Apache works from), and Anonymous User Access is on.

I'm not trying to get Apache and IIS to work in some sort of hybrid environment - I just want it so that one folder will have all my PHP projects, another will have all my ASP.Net projects, so I don't have to disable/enable either web server in order to switch between the two.

I'm getting a "resource not found" error when attempting to access my test ASP.Net page. Any suggestions?