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Thread: Help, Newbie

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    Help, Newbie

    Hi, I'm Solomon. I'm gonna start learning HTML and CSS soon and I was just wondering if you had any tips or things I should know. I dont know much about programming other than J/S which i know pretty fluently. Thanks.

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    CSS has always confounded me. If you can find a good class, take it. HTML is not so difficult. Nested tags, mostly.
    HTML Code:
        <title>title goes here</title>
        <meta /> meta tags are very helpful
        This is also where external JS and CSS files go
    Over-simplified, but easy to learn.

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    Theres a Sams teach yourself CSS book for under 20 bucks thats really good. Thats how I learned

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    You should learn the basics. It's not difficult to learn only HTML and CSS. It'll take 5-10 days to do this.
    Visit this and other articles. There is small course of HTML and CSS

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    I think it would be better if you will going to learn HTML first then CSS. Basic before advance.

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