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Thread: Diable ALT key

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    Diable ALT key


    I'm up with a requirement to disable the ALT combination key press.
    For instance, if we press ALT + 1, we get ☺ character in return. I need to impose a restriction on it for not allowing such characters as a value.

    Is there any way to achieve this, any best way to control and imply it on all the textboxes of a page?
    Is there any global property on which if we change, it applies on its own, to all the existing textboxes of a page?


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    It could be probably easier to control the values with an onkeyup events on the textboxes...

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    Have you thought about implementing validation instead of prevention?

    For example, you could implement a field change function on the text boxes that checks to see if the character is valid. If it's not, it erases it and throws an error. I feel this is more standard than preventing the user of something they're use to doing.

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