hey folks,

this is my first post and i guess i am in the right category with my problem/feature.

i am trying to make time differences visual i dont want to loose much information but its kind of like that:



and so on..
these times i safe in a database all day long (from 7am to 7pm approx.)

now i want which way some developers of you would choose to make the data more understandable or better visual, for example i could use a diagraph but thats too easy, maybe for times and time differences between each timestamp there is a special type of graph which would really take some important point out, the bigger the difference, the worse.

the timestamps are always the moment of discharging something, so and the end there is always an average, like: person1 unloaded his charge every 20 minutes.

thats also an important factor, the smaller the average & time differences between the next, the better!