Hi, I am sick of my cheap looking website, but since I don't have money to pay someone, I am going to use html code to build it myself. So far, I've got my home page set up the way I like it, complete with a few anchor tags/links that (when hovered over) turn bold, increase font size, and change color. Really cool looking! They are bundled together and I have four "classes", each "class" changes it's own color or font when moused over.

I want people to be able to hover over my links, without loseing their properties, and for each link hovered, I would like to have an image display (and then not display when the mouse is not hovering), and I would need to adjust the image dimentions and place it in a specific area as well.

I found a code that (kind of) works, but it removes my link properties, so I won't be using it. I'm starting to get a head ache.

Does anyone know a way to mouse over links (and I have a few to hover over) and show images (specific image for each link)and still keep my links.

Any advice (or a post I didn't find) will be greatly appreciated.