Hello gang,

I created a website including a contact form, which is essential.
URL : http://www.biosculpturegel-paca.fr/

In the demo file, there were only 4 fields. In mine, there are 9. These extra informations are for a client. Demo site : http://demo.cepreu.net/enfolio/

I edited the custom.js and ajax-functions.php to add these extra field in the code of tyhese documents. However, these new informations are nowhere to be seen in the mails I received via the contact form.

I started with PHP and Javascript like today so that's pretty new to me.

Could a good sould take a look at these short documents and tell me whats' wrong pretty please ? You would rock even more.

custom.js : custom.js
jquery.plugins.min.js (I didn't touch this one but maybe we should look inside it too) : jquery.plugins.min.js
index.html : index.html

I couldn't upload the ajax-functions.php file to my server and provide a proper URL so I'll paste the code here :

PHP Code:

$raison $_POST['raison'];
$siret $_POST['siret'];
$from $_POST['email'];
$newsletter $_POST['newsletter'];
$phone $_POST['phone'];
$site $_POST['site'];
$subject $_POST['subject'];
$message $_POST['message'];

$to 'contact@biosculpturegel-paca.fr'// contact@biosculpturegel-paca.fr
$valid_referers = array(
'http://biosculpturegel-paca.fr/',    // the URL to your page without www prefix
'http://www.biosculpturegel-paca.fr/'    // the URL to your page with www prefix

$headers 'From:' .$name'<' .$from">\r\n" .
'Reply-To: '.$from."\r\n" .
'X-Mailer: PHP/' phpversion();

if (
$_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == 'POST' && in_array($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], $valid_referers)) {

    if (!
mail($to$subject$message$headers)) {