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Thread: need hosting

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    need hosting

    i am in need of free hosting for my start up small business, if anyone would like to host me, when i get my own domain i will pay money for hosting me. thanks

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    Is it free if you are willing to pay money for it?

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    If you only have a small business web-site that doesn't need any server-side scripting then www.freewebs.com would be great for that, you can only upload one file at a time but other than that they are a good host.

    If you need ASP support then check out www.brinkster.com they are also a pretty decent host however the adverts are a little intrusive.

    If you need PHP support then check out www.hostultra.com I haven't used them but from what I gather they are also quite good.

    All of these hosts have the option to upgrade to a paid account and remove the adverts.
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    I suggest http://www.thewebpole.com/ .If you purchase the domain name here, you will get the Basic hosting plan at free of cost..

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