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Thread: Looking for new Domain

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    Looking for new Domain

    Hi Guys,

    web development is now under process, in the mean while i wanna choose a domain name for that website. But little bit confused, I'm not own any company it is just an experiment and wanna launch a website.

    Does it illegal ?? own a website but don't own a company ?
    can i make my website for offering service ??
    what kind of domain name should i choose official or any other. website is about offering IT services

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    you can choose the domain name as official ........the good place to register domain name , just visit this site http://www.thewebpole.com/register-domain/ , here it gives the best methods for register domain name..........

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    I agree with franklinn user.

    However, i have two websites, for one website i got the domain name that i wanted and for the other one i want to purchase the domain name without any problems in the future. So, i am looking for a company with nominal prices for domain names and also if they provide good web-hosting too. I am currently searching in the reviews sites so you can do that too as i have found 2-3 good options.


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    You can buy a domain even without a company. Truth is you can buy as many domain name as you want as long as it is available to purchase.

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