I am new to the forum and also fairly new to using javascript.

I am currently working on a website which I plan to make as dynamic as possible. I want to keep the function of the back button in the browser and allow bookmarking of sections etc. So I am using html anchors and javascript to refresh the page content in divs.

can I write a general function which will allow me to pass variables or post variables to a php script to generate the new content and change hash?

when I have a login form like

HTML Code:
 Username : <input type='text' name='uname' /><br>
	  Password : <input type='password' name='password' />
how would I allow user to click a button and have a javascript function handle everything.

I can do this no problem when there is no variables just don't know how to include variables in it.

currently for sections with no variables I do :

HTML Code:
<li id="home"><a href="#home"><img src="css/images/home.jpg" alt="Home" /></a></li>
	setInterval("checkAnchor()", 300);
var currentAnchor = null;
//Function which chek if there are anchor changes, if there are, sends the ajax petition
function checkAnchor(){
	//Check if it has changes
	if(currentAnchor != document.location.hash){
		currentAnchor = document.location.hash;
		//if there is not anchor, the loads the default section
			query = "section=homepage";
			//Creates the  string callback. This converts the url URL/#main&id=2 in URL/?section=main&id=2
			var splits = currentAnchor.substring(1).split('&');
			//Get the section
			var section = splits[0];
			delete splits[0];
			//Create the params string
			var params = splits.join('&');
			var query = "section=" + section + params;
		//Send the petition
		$.get("callbacks.php",query, function(data){

Thanks in advance