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Thread: Help with red5

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    Help with red5

    I've gotten as far as having my web host support install red5 on my web site account.

    I'd like to add this open source program www.red5-recorder.com

    But they provide no instructions as far as I can see (but are willing to install for a very high price, it seems).

    If you look there maybe you can tell me if all that red5 recorder offers is the player with a record button (if you've already got red5 installed)?

    I'm not familiar with Red5, and am not sure if this is the place to pose this question. I look forward to all of your replies/help with setting up. Thanks

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    First off, yes I have Red5 installed and have been using it for about 2 years...
    But the installation and occational upgrade/maintanence can be VERY challenging.
    For starters, you will need your own dedicated server or your Web host will not let you install Red5 (on a shared server).
    Second, unless your Web host has some really savvy techs... they may struggle with the install. I use a great hosting company but getting Red5 correctly installed was just beyond them.
    I finally put out a call for help here:
    These guys live, breath, sleep, Red5. Eventually to fix/complete my installation of Red5, I hired one of the core developers to do it. Cost about the same as buying a license for Adobe Flash Media Server. Later I had him come in and upgrade to auto-restart if for some reason the server gets disconnected or shut down. So while the source code for Red5 is FREE!, unless you are a whizbang computer tech.... it's a gonna cost ya!
    But once you are up and running it's really an amazing thing to be able to broadcast Live like that!
    So before you get to far into the "recorder" project, better iron out any issues you have with getting Red5 installed.
    Best wishes,
    Eye for Video

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    We currently are using the Red5 Recorder/Player on our websites and are experiencing issues with the video quality. The video quality is very choppy at some times 1 image/second on playback. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as we have spent a lot of time trying to get this to work.

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    video quality is very choppy
    Is the quality bad or the playback choppy? or both?
    What is the video bitrate that you are using to encode the video?
    is the video .flv or .f4v?

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