I have created a social network, But currently I am using third party software "Dolphin" to run it, I am looking for someone or a web development team to help pro bono with this project, I think I have a lot with this project to bring to the table this would be the first Social Network of its kind to ever come to surface on the internet, I do need a partnership, financially I can not afford to hire a team of web developers to create this project, I want this social network to have top of the line features, ofcourse affiliates and partners would fund the majority of revenues brought in, I don't know what the next step is to take except ask for pro bono/charity work until this site is successful and then talk numbers later on in the game, I have faith this would be succesful, I have all kinds of great idea's, now I just need a team to help put it together, Pm me or email me for details at: wvguy86(at)gmail.com.