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Thread: not sure what to use for form

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    not sure what to use for form

    I run a website for a small rural-town church. My training was more in the design elements of a website than the actual building. I know html and some css, beyond that forget it. What this means is I'm often fumbling in the dark for the solution.

    Anyway for the Lenten season we want to have a form to allow visitors to submit their prayer requests directly to the pastor. I tried the old way with a simple "submit" but then IE tries to load an email client. I wanted to bypass the email client and just have the form sent directly to the pastor, but I'm at a loss as to what I should use to accomplish this. I tried creating one in PERL but our webhosting company kept referring me to something called "cPanel." Basically what I'm saying is I'm lost and I need help.

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    If you wish the form to send the submission on a specific email address without using the viewer's email client, then you should use an action to a PHP page that will send the submission directly to the desired mail.

    To make your whole work easier, I recommend you use an remotely hosted online form generator. As per mine, 123ContactForm is a notable service, I have used it with great results in several of my projects. It handles the server-side scripting and administrates submissions securely. Hope this helps!

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