My brain just turned off and I have a deadline.

What's the fastest and most efficient way to have 2 separate "people" in a given week (never on the same day) submitting something that has fields for the specific days and for the week over-all?

I don't want 2 "week" files (and there could be as many as 7 people in a given week, though typically we wouldn't go over 2)

My form has a zillion fields for each day (we'll call them daily1, daily2, daily3 and so on) and a few fields for the week (we'll call them weekly1, weekly2, weekly3, etc) and the "daily" variables are all arrays because there are (0-6) 7 different days in which they could be filled out...

So we have:

(list of variables, not actual snippet of code)
PHP Code:

[0] - $daily1[1] - $daily1[2] - $daily1[3] - $daily1[4] - $daily1[5] - $daily1[6]
$daily2[0] - $daily2[1] - $daily2[2] - $daily2[3] - $daily2[4] - $daily2[5] - $daily2[6]
$daily3[0] - $daily3[1] - $daily3[2] - $daily3[3] - $daily3[4] - $daily3[5] - $daily3[6]
$daily4[0] - $daily4[1] - $daily4[2] - $daily4[3] - $daily4[4] - $daily4[5] - $daily4[6]

Or something like that...

I've already got the databases set up (the "daily" and "weekly" sections are each a separate MySQL table) and the whole system works fine if there is only one person for the whole week... but I need to modify it so that more than one person can use it in a given week...

I'm thinking either multiple entries per week or some kind of parsed-format would be my best bet...

Like maybe put //PERSON-23// (if their user-id was 23) and then enter their stuff and then put //PERSON-54// (etc) and then that way when I call up the data I can use substr/strpos/etc to get the right data out of it... BUT then it could get messy and be tricky to code so that if someone wants to go back and modify their part, it has to pull just their part to display for them, and then replace the field value with their part in the middle (where it goes) of the other parts... Not to mention that when they want to add a new one, if there's someone else's info already in the line then it will have to pull that info and parse it in before it can be put in...

Then again, if I did have multiple entries for each week, I'd have to set up the "results-viewer to find all of them and add-together values for certain areas and display all of them together, one after the other...