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Thread: PNG Problem

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    PNG Problem

    I am trying but failing to get this to work. I have used a slider (bxslider)and made some changes to it so that I have my other slides visible.

    Then I have added a background png so that the right and left images are covered with a transparent png with around 80% opacity.

    Now the problem I am having is that because I have applied this image to the div it is now stopping the links being active.

    Can anyone help me get this right, I need the transparent png to be over the main viewport so the right and left images are not fully shown. If you view this url you will see what i mean:


    When you see the text for each slide, it should be an active link to the website, but because of the png it is stopping this. I really want to achieve this, so any help much appreciated.

    The css files are here:

    Please help

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    The problem is that you can't click through an image or any other element - even if they're transparent or empty. You need to use separate containers (presumably <div>s, but whatever...) to provide the translucent side panels and nothing over the center area. Good luck!
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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    HTML Code:
    #headergrnd {
    position: static;

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