I'm new to development and trying to make my way, but have run into a problem with a site installed. It's a Wordpress site and a theme I purchased. The link is www.chelseascafe.com.

I made some adjustments to the site layout, but never touched the image slider scripts, or any scripts for that matter. When I installed the theme and inserted images into the category that is set for the slider, everything was working fine, no flash. After swapping the images out a couple of times with different image sizes, I started getting this flash when the image would change to the next image. Along with the flash, the page view resets to the top of the current page. I believe this has something to do with javascript, but cannot seem to get rid of the flash.

I've removed all the images from the posts and inserted new ones, but still the same effect occurs. This 'flash' does not occur on my local WAMP site of the same theme.

Can anyone give me the reason for this 'flash' and page reset? And any remedies?

I know I can reinstall the theme and DB, but don't want to try that yet. I'd like to understand the mechanics of the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please don't bother responding with 'You need to Reinstall the theme' or 'Contact the theme author'. I'd like an informed answer as to 'WHY' this flash occurs.