I want pass a javascript object from 1 page to another using POST.
when i do this, on the 2nd page i get [object Object]. I want to be able to access the properties of this object. How do i do this?

var testObj = new Object();

testObj.Name = "harry";
testObj.Age = "19";
testObj.Location = "bombay";

$('#tbtestbox').val(testObj );

<form id="formtest" action="page2.aspx" method="post">
<input id="tbtestbox" type="hidden" name="tbtestbox" />

page 2:

var testObj2 = new Object();
testObj2 = '<%=Request.Form["tbChartData"] %>';

The obove testObj2 get the value [object Object]. How do i access the 3 properties that i had created above?

Thanks in advance.