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Thread: Chrome Not Loading Pages Correctly

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    Chrome Not Loading Pages Correctly

    Okay, I've been working on a site for awhile. Now it looks good in everything, IE, Firefox, and Safari. However, I am having a tiny issue on Chrome. When the page first loads or when refreshed the images on the right are still there, however they are being pushed down, or the code below is being pushed up. I am not sure what is going on. If you click on links through out the page, they will show up just fine, until you refresh that page and then it's out of whack again. I've looked at the code up and down and comparing them to what I have in Firefox and Safari it is the exact same (as it should be)... Any help would be appreciated. The link is http://www.thewomaninpink.com

    (Also my apologies of if this isn't the correct forum, just not sure what type of error it is.).

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    This often happens if you are building a site. Non-compatibility to multiple browsers normally does not effect the functionalities of a website. Rather it mostly affects the design view of a site, which creates the first long lasting impression on a viewers mind. A website may be displayed perfectly in a particular version of IE, but may look much different in Fire fox and even in other versions of IE also. The whole thing depends on the level of complexity of the design. In case of simple designs, if some conventions like W3C validation and standard resolution of 1024 pixels X 768 pixels are followed during the development process, normally it does not create any problem. But in case of a complex design, lot of other things should be taken care of. Now, to the best of my ability I shall try to write down some suggestions for the site owners and the web designers. It is nothing new; but may act as a reminder during the development process.

    My suggestions for the website owners: It is a common practice for a good web development company to make all the websites compatible to two major browsers, named Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Still I like to say a few words to the respectable site owners.

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    @cdringe1 You should have to check your browser and also you should have to check the Internet Connection as well
    And after checking if the problem did'nt solve it then you should have to contact some IT professional as well

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    A software which i use to check browser combatability problems is Browser Stack . Good software but a bit slow at times (especially if you are tunnelling to you lhost).

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