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Thread: How to upload a ready made template?

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    resolved How to upload a ready made template?

    Hello everyone,

    I am here seeking advice from wise developers who understand the ins & outs of my dilemma,, I am trying to upload a website template to a free domain I registered for.

    This is a link to the template http://www.ac-web.org/forums/showthread.php?t=112761
    & my website is registered on guildlaunch.com.

    The template is very huge, with many, many files! I don't know which file to upload to my website!

    Guildlauch only allows me to upload ONE CSS file, once I did, nothing changed! Is this a problem with the website providor? Do I need to register somewhere else?

    I appologize for my confusing question.. as I am obviously a noob at web design & developing..

    Any reply would be of great appreciation,

    Thank you guys

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    You would need paid hosting or a free web host that allows PHP and a database for that template. Your current host may have a server size limit for your free account. I suggest paying for a domain name and hosting.

    If you do have a domain name and paid hosting, then the entire template can be uploaded to the root directory (public_html) in one drag and drop operation using FTP.

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    You can use your control panel or ftp account to upload all the files.Simply use free ftp software like filezilla to upload your template to public directory.

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