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Thread: <!--#include virtual not showing up

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    <!--#include virtual not showing up

    Hi all,

    It's been a while since I popped onto this forum, but I've hit a wall in trying to solve this problem. My website includes a menu and a footer using SSI (the <!--#include virtual="whatever.html"--> command).

    The menu shows up. The footer does not. The code lines look identical. Can someone please take a look at my HTML or CSS and tell me why? You can view the source code on the live page, HERE.


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    I think the includes are working fine, but the problem you're seeing may be because of your multiple doctypes, headers, body tags, etc. You can only have ONE such structure in any file, and it looks like you're including all that stuff in each of your includes. Look at "view source" of your web page to see what it's looking like...


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    Thanks! I didn't know that. I got rid of the extra tags in the external HTML files, but the problem is still there.

    I figured it out. It seems like one position:absolute was fighting with another position:absolute, I guess. I'm still not sure why it worked, but here's what I did (in main.css). I got rid of the positioning in here:
    .first {   
        top:160px; left:0px;
      border:1px solid purple;
      margin:0 220px 0px 0;    /* alternative: set this to 0 and make onecol, twocol 42% */
    IIRC, I added position there in the first place because the sidebar got cut off if I resized the browser window. Now it seems to work fine. Mysterious, but that's how a lot of this stuff is to me.

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