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Thread: Free online clothing design software (custom T-Shirts etc)?

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    Free online clothing design software (custom T-Shirts etc)?

    Hi all,

    I've taken on a project with a local businessman - he's getting my services for free so I can build up a portfolio.

    He runs an apparel printing business - pre-printed t-shirts, caps, bandanas etc.

    He's asked me if I can install e-commerce apparel design software into the site, like on http://www.spreadshirt.co.uk/create-...wn-t-shirt-C59

    Ideally he'd like me to do this for free, but so far I'm finding these two sites:


    ...which want $1,500-$2,800. I live in the UK and that's still a lot of money.

    I don't really know how else to approach this. I'm not a programmer. I do HTML and CSS, and adapt existing Javascripts and PHP/MySQL. Does this mean I'm screwed?

    I suppose I could try cobbling together some sort of PHP form but I have no idea how I'd integrate that into an e-commerce set-up.

    Please can anyone tell me if there's an easier/cheaper way to do this?

    thanks peeps

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