I am not sure of the correct name but onmouseoff,mouseoff,dissjointed ?
I have 3 photos on a html page that i use.
One photo is 640 x 480 & the other 2 are 125 x 86
When you first come to this page you see the main photo which is 640 x 480
When you place the mouse over either of the 2 small photos that photo then is shown in the main photo position and at 640 x 480 which works perfect in every way.
My problem is and where i need some help if i may is when you move the mouse off the small photo it is still shown as the main photo and i would like the original main photo to be shown.
Take a look at this page and see for yourself.

I use the main html code as a template and just replace the 3 photos each time i need to list something,so for this reason the wording in the line of text for the photo will change each time so i am lost what i can do other than ask the professionals.

Please advise & i can send the full html code to somebody to have a look etc as i assume its to big to place it here.