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Thread: Frames Breakout

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    Frames Breakout

    I seem to be stuck in a frame -
    I have used


    none will get me out of the frame,is there another one I can use?

    I haven't tried Java yet. I was hoping for a simple html target=""

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    I'm surprised _top does not work; that should take you to the beginning (the top frame when <FRAMESET> created, if I remember correctly). To go one up, there is also _parent and, the default, _self. Otherwise, use name of <FRAME> for target="".

    It is always helpful to include your code so people can see what's going on.

    Using <FRAMESET> has a lot of negative aspects and is decremented in HTML5 (WHoopie!).

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    search result for <FRANESET> target=""

    <FRAMESET> target="_top" etc. see:


    Calling specific frames
    If you want a link to change the page in another frame (for example in our frame navigation tutorial we had a left hand navigation frame which changes the right hand content frame), you need to give each frame its own name, and then specify that name in the link. Here's how the frameset might appear:

    <HEAD><TITLE>My First Frame Page</TITLE>
    <FRAMESET COLS="25&#37;,75%">
    <FRAME NAME="navigation" SRC="navigation_page.htm">
    <FRAME NAME="content" SRC="content_page.htm">
    Each of our two frame pages has it's own NAME attribute. Now here is the code for a link within the navigation frame which causes a new page to load within the content pain:

    <a href="new_content.htm" target="content">New Content Page Link Text</a>

    The target attribute is what does the trick here. It tells the browser that the frame labelled 'content' should be loaded with the new page "new_content.htm".
    > Using target="_top"
    target="_top" within a link tag causes the new page to load in the full body of the window, which is useful if you ever want to break out of the frameset you have created and have a frameless page.
    Using target="_parent"
    target="_parent" is similar to target="_top" but will refer to the immediate parent of a frame. In more advanced frame usage there may be several nested frames and this allows more control over which frames are specified. (It's actually something developers rarely need to use).
    Using target="_blank"
    target="_blank" causes the link to open in a totally new browser window, leaving the page with the refering link still open behind it. Unlike Javascript pop ups, however, the developer has no control over the size of the resulting window - it just depends what the browser happened to do the last time they shut their browser down!
    Using target="_self"
    target="_self" loads the page within the same frame as the link tag.
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    Thanx for the response. This is my Frameset as you see it is much like yours,

    <FRAME SRC="buttons.html" NAME=navbar SCROLLING=NO>
    <frame src="mainpage.html" name=main>

    The reason for frames is to keep the same navigation buttons on top of all the webpges as oposed to coding them into every page.

    This works fine usually but this time I needed to breakout and that's where I get stuck.

    This is the href that I can't get out of the frame.

    <a href="http://lewis-james-parker.co.uk" target-"_blank"> lewis-james-parker.co.uk</a> still under construction.

    I have just googled _blank and it is saying that Microsofts IE 8-9 has a bug that stops breakouts from working!!

    http://www.htmlcodetutorial.com/link...y110y107y.html quote - "Some versions of MSIE have a bug which renders anchors using "_blank" inoperative."

    Maybe I should try a script solution. Do you know of one that works?

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    typo =

    Need equal sign = target="_top"
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    Yes thanx auntnini I spotted that just after I submitted the thread..

    The solution was just like me "simple"...

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