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Thread: Refresh problem

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    Refresh problem

    When i click browser refresh button the current page go back to Hompage. what shall I can do for that, any code for this.. please help me..

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    You're not giving us much to go on, but I'll guess you're using frames, and there is actually no URL for anything other than your homepage. Is that right? If so, your options include getting rid of frames, or providing a url (e.g. www.mysite.com/?page=page2) that you can use to bring up something other than the homepage.


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    Post Re.

    Dear Dave,

    Thank you, I was eagarly waiting for the reply. Yes i think i am using full frame. exactly what you are saying is true, so, shall I put url in the header on each html page.

    Actually what i want to say that I am new in html and I have created my website, the problem is when I am browsing sbupage and I click on Refresh button in browser the current page will go back to homepage. mean I could see that the current page is not refreshing when I click referesh button, I hope you will help me on it. please see and kindly visit my websit. www.fastech.hpage.com

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