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Thread: How to make this setup, where to begin.

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    How to make this setup, where to begin.

    Hey Everyone,

    I am a Music Producer and getting a following is proving to be a difficult task, i am interested in making a webpage for my self which when people click on download re-directs them to my webpage which has some javascript apps making people have to Follow me to access my tracks.

    Here is a Prime Example

    I have no previous knowledge of javascript or web designing, how ever i am willing to learn, i have downloaded rapid weaver for designing the page, but i do not know where to begin with javascript.

    A representative of soundcloud recommended i used this website to help me set it up.


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    You want people to be able to listen to your tracks only after they followed you? This is done server-side(php) not client-side(javascript), as you have to check if they followed you before you let them download. Javascript is easy to go around.
    As for redirecting when they want to download just replace the download link with a link to a page where they have to follow you(if they are already following just let them download).

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