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Thread: Javascript - database counter

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    Javascript - database counter

    Hi Im looking to develop a graphical counter using javascript. There are loads of jquery counters and the like out there but what I'm after is something that looks like a counter but rather than just add up or down it actually retrieves the numbers from the database. The database field will be continually updated by a different method so no problem there. I just need to pull the new data at a set interval without a page refresh. Oh and I'll be using images (unless I can find a digital clock style webfont) to display the numbers. Does anyone know of a tutorial or any help on this matter? I've looked all over and drawn a blank



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    The only thing I can think of is to use AJaX to access a server-side page that grabs the data from the database and returns it; it will run behind the scenes and can dynamically update the webpage without a refresh/reload.

    And go ahead and use the images for the digital-style numbers; even if you did find a font that fits, there's no guarantee that all browsers would have it. In this case, the images would be universal, and should display quickly if you pre-load them at page load. Make sure they are .gifs, and are optimized for the page.
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