I have installed the simile timeline script, and I would like to correct the date stamp, and remove the time stamp from the bubble box when you click on the event; but not being a coder I can't figure what, and where to go to edit; there are so manu js files in there ...
I put this line in the xml file:
<event start="May 23 1844" isDuration="true" title="Dichiarazione de Il Báb" image="images/House-Shiraz.jpg">
	Il 23 maggio 1844 Il Báb ha dichiarato la Sua missione. <a href="">Vai a bahai.it</a>
and in the bubble the output is
Wed, 22 May 1844 22:00:00 GMT
whereas I'd like it to read
Wed, 23 May 1844

The simile code can be found here

Thank you