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Thread: Using form to send to multiple recipients

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    Question Using form to send to multiple recipients

    Where can I find the HTML code to create a form to send to multiple recipients on an email list?

    Let me describe what I'm talking about here: my client wants me to make it so that a visitor to their website can access an online letter and then click a button to send that letter out to 5000 some odd Congressional & Senate members, all at one time. And each letter sent out would include the senders' name & email as well.

    How do I do this?

    I'm NOT talking about email marketing here. Just a simple form that gets sent out to 5000 or so recipients. How can I do this without nuking the server?

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    After collecting the name of a sender, and an email address, you may wish to verify the email is valid. Sometime after collection or when ignoring verification, email content has to be created. Now the mailing list can be applied.

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    Would have to set up a database with the 5000 Congressional & Senate members and have the PHP processing form set on submit to include senders' name & email which will be entered via the form.

    Your current hosting package or service MUST allow SMTP ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simple_...nsfer_Protocol ) to work. Otherwise, no email can be sent.

    Setting Up the SMTP Service: http://www.code-crafters.com/ability...rial_smtp.html

    Might help to get you started:

    PHP: Sending Email Tutorial (Text/HTML/Attachments): http://www.webcheatsheet.com/php/sen...attachment.php

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    123ContactForm recently included a political form letter template for their web form builder, check out some details here. I have used this service for various of my projects that included forms. For your task, you can create the form and then integrate it with a mass emailing service such as MailChimp for spreading the message around (123ContactForm has this integration ready-made).

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