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Thread: CSS positioning-issue in IE8

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    CSS positioning-issue in IE8

    I just finished my new website after learning CSS properly. I have how ever run in to an issue with IE8 when viewing the site. Some pages with more complex code, tables etc. seem to get pushed below the content-area. Any ideas as to why?

    http://www.netrenderer.com - IE8


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    I think it's a bug in netrenderer.com. I checked the page using IE9 in IE8 rendering mode and it looked fine - exactly as Firefox renders it. I don't think you need to worry. Good luck!
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    As rtrethewey pointed out, don't rely on services like NetRender to show you what your website looks like in other browsers - download and install the browsers you need to test in and test in them natively.

    As far as IE goes, again as rtrethewey pointed out, IE9 has IE7 and IE8 rendering modes that 98% of the time render the same way as native IE7/8 would.
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