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Thread: Please review ZipTimeTracker.com

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    Please review ZipTimeTracker.com

    We have developed online time-tracking software and are ready to launch to beta users. Functionality includes:
    - time management
    - client management
    - invoice management
    - reporting

    This online software is great for businesses or individuals who sell their time, eg:
    - designers
    - developers
    - freelancers
    - etc.

    We appreciate all feedback, bug reports and user testimonials. Sign-up for a free trial account at www.ZipTimeTracker.com/signup

    Thank you.

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    Why is there handwritten looking numbers that get displayed over your site?

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    Hi Spufi,

    Thanks for checking out the site. The hand-writing is just on top of that image so you can tell there is a second image, and the animation transition.

    It is on the to-do list to be replaced with a new image. Thanks.


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    I checked the site too.

    How does the program actually work? That is because I am currently using a similar one at the moment. Maybe they work just the same or maybe it has something better to offer.

    This software for time tracking allows me to accurately track the work hours of my employees and monitor their tasks. For me, it's ideal because aside from that it also aims to eliminate distractions while at work thus increasing productivity. More importantly, it has a web server which stores all of the necessary information and reports in one place.

    Been using that for a long time now and it works very well for us. It's really great to see this good alternative though.

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    Hi bertandie,

    Thanks for checking us out. I looked at Time Doctor quickly, it looks like a great product but I see three main differences:
    - their prices are a lot higher
    - they require software be installed
    - they seem to also be a sort of keylogger

    ZipTimeTracker.com is a cloud application (accessible from anywhere) that allows programmers to record their hours. It allows administrators to manage:
    - users (who can sign in and record hours)
    - clients (which clients/customers you can record hours for, how much to charge them, contact info, etc)
    - invoices (create invoices, email them to clients, track when paid)
    - reports (monitor how much time your developers are spending on a client, or how much time a specific developer is putting in)

    You can sign up for a fully-functional free account with no credit card, so there is no risk involved. We'd love your feedback on the back-end of the system. Thanks.

    Online time tracking.

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    Thanks for this useful info. We had already analyzed various tools such as Harvest and Freshbooks but ended up with Replicon's hassle free cloud based time tracking software app that meets all our organizational needs. It has got calendar view interface and simple to use features too, overall a wonderful application that can be accessed from anywhere.

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