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Thread: Tooltip problem

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    Tooltip problem

    Hi everyone,

    I have a major problem with a Tootip function on an e-commerce website I need to update.

    At the address http://www.emblemtek.com/en/main-nav/solutions/aprons/ , the Tooltip function used to work fine until I added a second JS file for a test page located at the address http://www.emblemtek.com/en/main-nav...ions/aprons_2/ which works fine now but the Tooltip function associated with the rest of the e-commerce section just won't work! Firebug tells me that the image is corrupted but I changed one for a test and this is obviously not the problem.

    Can anybody help me? I spent hours on this and I can't seem to find the solution!



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    On both URLs, Firebug reports multiple missing .js files.
    Where used, return should be executed unconditionally and always as the last statement in the function.

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