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Thread: How to find time range in mysql table with same day

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    How to find time range in mysql table with same day

    I have a time stored in table 8:00AM-9:30AM TTH . I want to check time range, if user selected 9:00am-10:30am Thursday comes in between time 8:00AM -9:30PM? How to trap it out in php.

    Time is stored in table as below

    Time Day
    8:00AM -9:30AM TTH
    10:30AM -12:00PM MW
    1:00PM -2:30PM MW
    10:30AM -12:00PM FW

    help me please this is my one of my error trap in my thesis project

    thank you in advance

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    You should be using yer DB's DATETIME/DATE/TIME field types, making expressions with time easier. Your way, you will need to probably create a php function and check each record.

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