Hello, i'm trying to set cron jobs properly for me, but i have some troubles.
What i'm have:
When i use this command all work okay, this is only path to file:
PHP Code:
/usr/bin/php -/home/username/public_html/file_name.php 
But i need to use file with GET request i want that in set time cron will open a file.php?get=query some think like that
I found that command but it work extremely wrong (when it work i get an email from cron with error but error doesn't write, all i get is message contains only "?" and few "@" letters), my tech support said me that i had error in my code( but i test my code and it work fine without cron), so i need your help. What is wrong in my command?
PHP Code:
/usr/bin/php -/usr/bin/wget "http://domain.com/file.php?my_get=blablabla"