I am running an SMF forum and because of custom board icons, there are five separate PNG files that are all the same for different boards. I tried creating a .htaccess file in notepad with these contents:

Redirect /Themes/Captain%20Placeholder/icons/91/on.png /Themes/Captain%20Placeholder/icons/69/on.png
Redirect /Themes/Captain%20Placeholder/icons/84/on.png /Themes/Captain%20Placeholder/icons/69/on.png
Redirect /Themes/Captain%20Placeholder/icons/59/on.png /Themes/Captain%20Placeholder/icons/69/on.png
Redirect /Themes/Captain%20Placeholder/icons/28/on.png /Themes/Captain%20Placeholder/icons/69/on.png
and placed it in the root directory of the forum. But it doesn't work. Could someone help me out?