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Thread: Can Javascript search a client-side directory?

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    Arrow Can Javascript search a client-side directory?

    Hi. I am new to this forum and to Javascript. I have used WebDeveloper in the past (under a different email that is no longer valid) and have always had great help from the users. I have a couple of months worth of Javascropt/jQuery experience.

    This time, I have a project for work where we want to search a certain directory on our computer for images (png, jpg, gif) that have a matching tag and/or similar name to what the user enters in the search field. This way we can re-use these images instead of creating new ones.

    I am thinking there is a way to do this using Javascript/jQuery, but after a full day of searching online for some similar solutions, haven't been able to find anything. I want to do something that is similar to iconfinder.com. I don't need all the bells and whistles yet, just the basics of how to get started.

    Any advice and information would be greatly appreciated and a great JS learning experience for me!

    Thank you in advance!

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    you have to select them in a <input type='file' />, then you can display them by size/date/type/etc. if you want to show thumbnails, you can loop through each file and grab it's data using a FileReader and setting an <img> to the filereader's base64/dataURL output.
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