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Thread: PHP to HTML image problem

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    PHP to HTML image problem

    I have a script which takes the address of an image and inserts it into the html creating an image tag like this:

    HTML Code:
    <img src="thumbnails/1_PHOT0103.JPG"/>
    the images are present in the thumbnails folder but the browsers do not display them

    the problem appeared only in the last few days.

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    Very hard to debug this without seeing the live site. Are you sure the image files are named correctly and in the correct folder? Are you sure the file names are upper case as shown? Are you sure the O's and zero's are right? Are you sure the permissions are right on the image files?


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    - That being a relative URL, are you sure the paths are correct?

    - Some browsers don't always like to display images that don't have both a height and width set. If you don't know the actual height/width, just set them to 100x100, and see if the image shows up.

    - Check the NET tab in FireBug. Is the page actually requesting/receiving the image, or is it retuning a 404?

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    Me being an IDIOT, I renamed folders in preparation for the next version of software, but didn't update the queries that were storing the paths in the database.

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