IE (9,8,7 thru Parallels on a Mac) is not, or only partially, rendering styles on certain links; same behaviour across the versions:

a[href^="javascript"] {
text-decoration:underline; font-size:inherit; color:white; }
a[href^="javascript"]:hover {background:#486; }

—neither the underline nor the hover background are rendered, and the color is the same as surrounding text, so the links are not apparent: but they work;

a[href^="http://"], a[href^="https://"] {
text-decoration:underline; font-size:inherit; color:#bdbebf;}
a[href^="http://"]:hover, a[href^="https://"]:hover {background:#468; }

—the hover background doesn't work; the links work.

Quirksmode says IE should honour these advanced attribute styles.

This isn't the only IE problem I'm having, but one at a time—click on "welcome" to see the problem.