Hello, I have created this website for a client.


I have made the layout in php, html, css. I have created the content in WordPress so the client can edit the text and images but not the navigation and header. On all of my computers and browsers I see the Wordpress content inside the iframe fine. Also on my iPhone.

My client and her IP person both cannot see the content when they try to go to the website. I have tried removing the javascript that was using an autoheight function from the main page only to see if that was the issue but they still cannot see it. I updated all the plugins on the wordpress website. I changed all folders to 755 and files to 644.

Anyone have any ideas why they may not see it? They can see the contact page fine which is because its not the wordpress site. Im stumped. Shes reported that one person she sent the website to can see the content but she cannot.

Thank You.