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Thread: Domain Name Privacy

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    Domain Name Privacy

    Hi there,

    I am thinking of starting a website, and had a few questions with relation to privacy for myself.

    When I register the domain, is there anyway someone can look my information up? I know there is a domain lookup (whois.net) so I am a little worried about this. Is there anyway to have it private so if someone looks up the name, it won't show my personal details?

    I read somewhere that there is an option when purchasing your domain to have a 'blanket' of sorts that blocks your personal info if someone looks it up - is this fullproof, or can this be bypassed?



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    Many domain registrars now offer a service called privacy protection. When you choose privacy protection, your personal information will not be listed on the WhoIs record. Instead, the information of the registrar's privacy service will appear. You still own your domain.

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