Ok, so I have a very simple gallery right now. It has a next and previous working buttons, and I have it loop every couple seconds. The only problem I have is that when I click next or previous it doesn't continue the loop after I hit next again.

Here are the two snippets of code.

$('#slideshow .arrow').click(function(){
            var li            = slides.eq(current),
                canvas        = li.find('canvas'),
                nextIndex    = 0;

            // Depending on whether this is the next or previous
            // arrow, calculate the index of the next slide accordingly.

                nextIndex = current >= slides.length-1 ? 0 : current+1;
				nextIndex = current <= 0 ? slides.length-1 : current-1;


	// The window.load event guarantees that
	// all the images are loaded before the
	// auto-advance begins.

	var timeOut = null;

	$('#slideshow .arrow').click(function(e,simulated){

		// The simulated parameter is set by the
		// trigger method.


			// A real click occured. Cancel the
			// auto advance animation.


	(function autoAdvance(){

		// Simulating a click on the next arrow.
		$('#slideshow .next').trigger('click',[true]);

		// Schedulling a time out in 5 seconds.
		timeOut = setTimeout(autoAdvance,1000);

I've been trying to figure this out without posting on the forums, but I am stumped.

Thanks for the help

This is the tutorial I followed.