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Thread: Review the Null Nuke

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    Review the Null Nuke

    full portal/CMS that can be used straight after install just like the screenshots with 99% new code base from any other nuke, and 100% customizable themes and extra security and database checks


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    heres a patch if anyone wants it... you can use it on any of the 1.2.5 releases on sourceforge

    fixes administration gallery media edit pages
    fixes file type extension display classes
    fixes image/displayclass resizing

    adds custom module bbcode tag arrays, with 2 new arrays for chat and signature : ./core/sanitizer/core_BBCodeConvert.tag_array.php
    adds audioplay_0.9.9 mp3 player to file type display classes
    adds flayr flv player to file type display classes
    adds ajax chat room, type /cmds for cmd list

    to use display classes, you need to add .mp3 or .flv mime to
    modules you want to allow then filetypes to be uploaded.. todo :

    1>login as super admin, and select from the configuration droplist. [ Filetypes ]

    2>use the file form field to select a mp3 or flv file, and then click on [ Get Mime Type ] button, the mime and extension fields will be filled in for you. then select the displayclass from the drop list you wish to use to display the file on the page

    3>select the checkboxes of the modules you wish to allow the file type to be allowed, when uploading, and then click [ Add Mime To Selected Module ] button


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    repacked the patch and it now fixes, not protecting posted form fields before being stored in the database when protected through an array

    so the null should be all good

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