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Thread: Review my blog for coders

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    Review my blog for coders

    I just started a blog http://code.vive.net for software developers. I hope to make it helpful for coders.

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    Not much to say considering it's a WP template. It's a pretty clean and basic layout.

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    nice job carry on..
    try to write unique contains.

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    If you have a JS-only link (one that doesn't have a function if JS is disabled) you shouldn't use javascript:void(0) as the href, you should simply omit the href altogether.

    This is in reference to your working example code on the bottom of the page you linked to.

    Also, legal ID attributes cannot start with a number.

    Just because your demo works doesn't mean it's 'elegant'.
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    It is a good start! There ae a lot things to develop like logo, navigation etc.
    Keep it up and good luck,
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    I have several recommendations for you. I use a plugin for Chrome called Ghostery, I show you have no analytic software tracking your blog. Analytic software will help identify your audience, and help in development of new content. I would also recommend to package your scripts into .zip files for several reasons. The main reason as your scripts get more complex, they will incorporate more files and it will be easier for the guest to download them and incorporate them into their project. Also, if you package these you can track the downloads with the analytic software I recommended above. Lastly if you are developing code you need to be clear in how it can be used. I would recommend using a license, there is the GNU/GPL, Creative Commons, etc. This gives the guest a definitive answer on how it can be used.
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