Well I've been trying countless hours to make this work with only css but I can't seem to be able to. I know there is a javascript function that calculates the size of the window but I have no idea how to apply it to my image and make it scale automatically. (needs to be 125px from bottom)

What I need is a fixed div that will resize with the window (as well as scale the image inside it). Here's my current css code that works but not quite.
	position: fixed;
	text-align: center;
	bottom: 125px;
	width: 100%;
#mydiv img{width: 55%; max-height: 700px;max-width: 950px;overflow:hidden;}
#mydiv h3{ color: #bbbbbb;font-size: 8pt;font-family:arial;letter-spacing: -0.5px;}
as for the html:
<div id="mydiv">
<img src="myimage.png"/><h3>all rights reserved.</h3></div>

Please help, pretty sure this is possible with javascript. thanks.