Do you have a site written in or with HTML5? We are building a new section on our HTMLGoodies site to feature HTML5 sites. (HTMLGoodies is a sister site to WebDeveloper). We will be creating a submission form so you can feature your site.

In the meantime, if you think your site is major killer, then let me know. We'll want some relatlively specific information, plus the site needs to be interesting. If it is simply a basic blogging site or a corporate marketing site with nothing 'different,' then we'll likely pass. What will really get our attention is if you did something really cool with HTML5, CSS3, or the modern stuff that is coming out. That is what we really want to know about.

Send me your URL if you think your site is one for us to look at. We'll also end up asking for a short paragraph describing your site, and a lot of information on what you did with HTML5, CSS3, etc. that other developes would find interesting. Is the site optimized for mobile or tablets? Let us know that too.

If you think your site works, email me this info. Use subject line: Feature my HTML5 Site. Send it to me at bjones -at-

There are a lot of cools sites I could go find, but I thought I'd give some of you a chance to show off what you've done.


WebDeveloper Admin