Hi there, I'm a photographer and my programming skillz are quite basic. I'm helping a friend add a "link" to their Navigation bar. They've currently got "Home-About-Services-Philosophy-Contact".

Now the logic behind the Nav Bar is Flash. When clicking on "About" a small drop-down occurs with a few more options. I don't think this is prohibiting me from simply changing the color of the text for a new Link.

He wants to add a new Link after "Contact". It will be called "2012 Retreat" and wants it to be a bright blue. I already have the text place, it's there so that isnt the issue. But the color is the same as all the other Nav Links. I'm wanting it to be different.

Here is the code of the last few Nav Links, the file is index.xml...

<page type="text" url="data/exampletext1.xml" title="Philosophy" bgurl="bgimages/gray.jpg"/>

<page type="text" url="data/exampletext2.xml" title="Contacts" bgurl="bgimages/gray.jpg"/>

<page type="text" url="data/text5.xml" title="2012 Retreat" bgurl="bgimages/gray.jpg"/>
this last guy is my problem. Can I assign that text and command line a typical "color", "span" or even "a href" "target_blank"? I just don't know where to put it since the beginning isn't a typical <p> or <text> but is rather the specific Nav links.

any help is much appreciated!!