I am very new to this and only know basic html and css ocding at the moment. Of course I wish to change this.

I want to make an interactive map. For example, South America. There are 12 countries in South America. I want to be able to make the map clickable. Also I would like to make it so that when you put your mouse over a country the name appears. It could be on the map or in a little pop up box.

I have seen a way to do this. It involved fireworks and Flash8. I have neither and I dont have the money for these.

Is there a way to do this without these? Is there free software I can aquire to do this with flash? Can I do it with something like javascript/css/html?

I need about 10 maps in total. The number of clickable areas on the maps will be 25 or less.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated. I am inexperienced but willing to learn and spend as long as necessary to do this. If it is a bit of a tedious job that is ok as well.