Hello all you experts,

Can somepne explain where does the process that counts page hits exist? Does it count stale pages?

I know that I have stale pages, because in my gateway connection response testing algorithm, I fetch a PHP page that stores the current time in a JSvar and sends the accumulated output one-shot to the browser.

When the page is stale, my host server keeps sending the page with an ancient time stamp on it. It could be a time stamp from some other user, that gets in my way.

Are those stale pages counted as page hits?

See the effect at http://www.wyc3.com by clicking on Diagnose at the top right corner. When the Diagnose page loads, there are three tests to be done at the bottom of it. If the zero MB test is run more then once, you can see the stale page effect.

Q: what part of the server administration, is responsible?