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Thread: Directing link from Linux to Windows server

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    Directing link from Linux to Windows server

    Here is the situation: I have a PHP based website called www.generic.com (not the real URL) and I have a web form (written in ASP) which is located on a Windows server. There is a link on the www.generic.com website that needs to link to a form on the windows server (form.aspx).
    My question is, when the user clicks on the link on the www.generic.com site to go to the form.aspx page (on the Windows server), how do I make the URL look like it is related to the www.generic.com site?
    I don't want the user to see a totally different domain name (URL) when they click to go to the form.aspx page (I want it the URL to at least be similar).
    I have the domain www.generic.com registered through GoDaddy and the name servers are pointed to our Linux server. I am assuming I can do something on the Windows server (where the form.aspx file is located) that will tie the www.generic.com domain in some how?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    On the separate server you could just use a domain name with a different extension, ie .net versus .com. This would be my solution if I am reading you correctly. I honestly don't understand why you are using two different types of servers in the first place. It just seems odd to run a site on PHP and ASP.NET.

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