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Thread: Updating website from Mobile Device?

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    Updating website from Mobile Device?


    I was just wondering if it is possible to be able to update a website from your mobile phone. I am thinking in terms of updating inventory a few hours a day. The site would have an ecommerce platform that allows to users to purchase inventory (which would show details such as name, price, etc).

    Is there anything out there that would make this possible? If not, would this be easily integrated into a website if someone were able to code it?

    The whole point is to be able to update the inventory availability frequently as the inventory has an extremely low turn around rate.

    Any help would me much appreciated.



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    Hi Tom

    The answer to your question is yes. However, there are many things that could change the measure of difficulty but essentially what you are asking is quite simple - ie; can one update a database from a mobile device?

    Do you have programming skills and are you trying to create something yourself? There are plenty of exceptional brains using this forum that could help, but obviously a little more background information would help.

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    If a person can view a web page on a mobile device, they can update the inventory. They web site just needs a mobile version so the interface is sane to deal with.

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