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Thread: Using Paypal buttons

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    Using Paypal buttons


    I am currently building a site for my new ebook and was curious about possibly using paypal buy now buttons as my submitt buttons for my form to purchase my book. What I am doing is offering two options for purchasing and was wondering if I could use just one form and have two different paypal buttons at the bottom depending on which option the customer would like to go with. Then when they click the button the form would access my database to give them an id and send them to paypal all with one click. Is what I am attempting to do possible and does anyone know of a way to do this that a beginning web developer would be able to implement? Any help would be much appreciated.

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    You can create 2 paypal buttons and would not have any problems. I believe the IPN system with paypal sends back post variables of the transaction.

    The flow would be.

    1) User clicks button
    2) Insert information to Db
    3) Redirect to Paypal
    4) User Purchases
    5) Successful purchase
    6) Check post variables
    7) Send to download page

    Look in the merchant services section of paypal. I did this a long time ago.

    If you need more help just let me know.


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    Thanks for your help,

    There was one other thing that I was not sure about. I would like to have a link emailed to them as soon as the IPN confirms their payment went through. I would also like to have the links to the ebook only be allowed to be clicked 2 times and then become disabled. Could you guide me as to how to set this up or provide me with a link to some article that can help me with this. I have everything else basically done I am just trying to get this part finished up.

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